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Reach out today for a no obligation face to face analysis and consultation of your present Marketing Plan.  Please fill out the contact form below.

Call  866-91-LOCAL

The Apple | Music

From Jackson to McArthur,  no other station is giving you the best mix of Today's Popular Music.  We play the hits from 2k-Today.  

  • Hear Artists like:
  • Bruno Mars
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Adele
  • Katy Perry
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Lady Gaga
The Apple | Communities Served

Jackson • Wellston • McArthur • Oak Hill • Gallipolis • AND MORE!

The Apple | Listener Profile

Over 250,000 people are potential listeners to The Apple in Southern Ohio, alone. 

Age Demographic: 18-49

Gender Breakdown: 55% Female 45% Male

Median Household Income: $51,000.00 +

The Apple |10 Reasons to Advertise on Radio and The Blue Rooster
  1. Reach: Digital Music is on 24/7 reaching over 91% of all persons age 12 and older every week and 67% each day.
  2. Cost Effectiveness: The Key to any successful Advertising Campaign is frequency. No other source of major media allows you to have more frequency and exposure to promote your goods or services than that of Digital Media.
  3. Targeting: Our Modern Pop Music Format allows you as the Business Owner to target one of the most influential and accessible demographics out there.
  4. Immediacy: On going Media Campaigns and Advertising allows you to have top of mind awareness and in the minds of listeners at all times. They can literally hear your message, pull over in their vehicle and walk right in your place of business to purchase your product.
  5. Loyalty: Music is Central to peoples lives. When other types of Traditional Media have steadily seen a decline over the last decade, Digital Music Continues to reach the masses and is the pivot of other sources of new media.
  6. Engaging: Listeners feel an emotional connection to The Apple and build relationships with our Personalities and other listeners.
  7. Synergy: Audio stimulates a different part of the brain versus video and text. Digital Music has consistently been the catalyst for other sources of Media.
  8. Frequency: It’s proven that Consumers need to be exposed to a message or ad multiple times before taking action or inquiring for more information. Digital is the most affordable option to gain maximum frequency.
  9. Creative Flexibility: Custom is a term you will hear over and over in the Digital Industry. No other source of Media offers you the ability to create a campaign or idea based on your needs like we do. We take the theater of the mind and work with your Business to create a Theatrical Masterpiece which cultivates Consumers for your Business.
  10. Intimacy: Digital Ads are always forefront in listener’s minds. You don’t have to listen to clutter and mounds of ads back to back or flip through competitors ads in the back of a publication.

Our goal is to build your Company’s Image and Reputation while adding exposure and profitability to your bottom line. When you do business with The Apple you are getting much more than ads on the Radio.

Our Account Executives are Consultants that can help you in all areas of Marketing and maximize your results!

The Apple | Production and Creative Department

Writing: In many scenarios, the creative part of the process is actually part of the Sales Process. Once we have decided to form a partnership, our Account Executive will set aside an extensive amount of time to create dynamic copy so your Commercials are poised to stand out on the air. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the Copy of your Commercial before it goes to final production. Our Account Executives are much more than Sales People-they know Media and Marketing and the creative side of the process is the number one priority taking only a second position to customer service. There is never a charge for Copy Writing on The Apple. 

Audio: Once Copy has been written and approved by the client, we employ only the best voices in the Country to Voice and Produce your commercial. You will be given a choice of voices ranging from the Guy or Girl next door to a mature movie trailer type voice to voice your commercial. Once your commercial has been produced you will receive an audio MP3 or WAV file to approve before it actually airs. All ongoing Clients can take advantage of free voice over and production services with their Annual Agreements and for seasonal Clients you can have that same Big City sound for a nominal fee to cover our costs.